I’m Isabella, and I’m a boot addict!

My best boot look


Some people like interior and decorating, some like cars and some like fashion. I’ll gladly admit that I like boots. Boots of (almost) all kinds. But I also admit that overknees and thigh high boots are my favourite.

My best boot look

During the last years, tall boots that go up to the knee, over the knee or even thigh high have been a common sight in fashion. And there are so many ways that you can dress that really compliments your boots.



You can find all sorts of blogs and articles on how to combine outfits where footwear often is just an accessory. That’s why “Best Boot Looks” was created; to find articles that features or contains boots, and show what outfits match the boots.


My aim is not to copy content in any way! If you find a post on this page that comes from your blog, you can be certain that I have linked to your main blog site and the featured post. And the reason your blog post was picked is because I think you did a great job and deserve exposure. So please – take it as a compliment that I wrote about you post here at bestbootlooks.com



Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. And please let me know if you have a blog and would like us to share some articles from it.

My best boot look

Happy boot dressing!

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  1. I like this blog, because of the great variety in girls with my loved otk or higher on her legs ;-).
    btw where ends OTK and where starts Thighhigh. A little above the knee is OTK? Keep on running this.

    1. Thank you for your nice comment.

      The borders between “over the knee” and “thigh high” can be a bit blurry. In my opinion, thigh high boots has to go to the middle of the thigh or higher, while otk boots starts just above the knee, (meaning it covers the knee) and up to the middle of the thigh. To me, thigh high sounds higher than over the knee.

      I tend to define the style depending on how it looks on the wearer. A petite person might have a pair of boots that would be over the knee on a taller model, but goes to the mid thigh on him/her. And so I would label it as a pair of thigh high boots. I try not to automatically use what’s the description used in the original post.
      What I do ignore is the definition a shoe store has given it. So often shoe stores label boots that stops on the middle of the knee as otk or thigh high boots. And to me, that’s a pair of knee high boots. But hey – I get it wrong too sometimes. 🙂

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