Men And Over The Knee Boots – How Do We Feel About That?

Man in over the knee boots

Over the knee boots are primarily made for women and worn by women. But what about men who likes tall boots and to wear overknee boots?

Buying otk boots for men is almost an impossible task because shoe stores don’t carry tall men’s boots. At least not taller than around 25 inches high. So in order to get boots that are around 20 – 25 inches, men has to do their shopping in the women’s department because that’s where the selection is.

Personally, I think it’s sad that you don’t see a man wearing overknee or even thigh high boots, because some men can pull off this look quite well. Have a look at this guy. I believe the boots are the ‘Elinna’ model from Aldo. Combined with a long sweater and slim fit jeans it creates a great look. Well done!


Man wearing overknee boots


Man wearing over the knee boots


This is the first article we have about men who wears otk boots, and we would like to hear your opinion, so please feel free to comment!

  1. I don’t need to read about the fact that we don’t see men wearing over-the-knee or thigh high boots being sad. However, I do agree with the statement plus we don’t even see too many wearing knee high boots let alone over-the knee or thigh high boots. It really pisses me off that we don’t see men wearing those types of boots and it’s a shame. I absolutely feel that men should wear those types of boots.

  2. You can buy over knee boots in China from there are mens knee high boots and you can buy over the knee boots too.

  3. I am male and I wear knee-high, OTK, and thigh-high leather boots everyday during the winter months. I buy most of my boots from on-line stores such as Embossy, Jean Gaborit and Fernandoberlin. The boots are expensive but I feel that when it comes to tall boots, nothing beats a pair made from the best quality leather. Yes, its a pity that more males do not wear knee-high boots or higher. They are only boots and it’s not a crime to wear them. Personally, I just love wearing my tall black leather boots and I enjoy the compliments and admiring looks that I get when I am out and about wearing them!

  4. I wear OTK boots all the time! Interesting article. The ‘problems’ are…

    1. The pictures used to ilustrate the point are too small.

    2. The article’s first sentence “Over the knee boots are primarily made for women and worn by women.” This may be true today, but over the knee boots were first designed for men… as ‘protection’ from the elements and later on, as a ‘fashion statement’, which was then taken on by women as their style… not the other way round! It’s the prevailing attutude by designers, manufacturers and many others, that prevents many men from wearing them… you just can’t get them in men’s sizes.

    That may be changing!

  5. JoMO and the other guys are completely right … it’s great for men wearing tall boots.

    For several years tall boots (mostly knee high) became my standard footwear during the colder days of the year. If you are interested in the way I wear them feel free to visit my blog at

  6. I am 60yrs old and very slim and I wear OTK Leather boots with 4″ heels over my tight skinny jeans. I believe in you wear what you want, not what other people think you should. I used to wear these type of boots when I was in a Heavy Metal Band in the 70s and have worn them ever since, even when I went out on my Harley Davidson Motor Bike.

  7. I used to live in UK but now I have emigrated and live in Mojacar in Spain. The Spanish are a lot more open minded than the blinkered English. So wearing my high heeled boots over my jeans is more accepted here. It is very reassuring to hear of all the other men wearing boots like me. If more men started to wear boots it would then become fashion. I am sure a lot of women would find men wearing boots attractive.

  8. Glad to read that the Spanish are more opened minded that the English as regards men wearing high heeled boots. I am really into boots and my collection includes OTK, thigh-high and hip boots. I have got compliments and many admiring glances from women when I am out and about in my tall boots. Yes, men should really get into wearing tall boots again as they were originally designed for men as riding boots in olden times.

    1. Hi Paul. Thanks for your nice comments. I am only 5ft 6″ tall so the high heeled boots make me taller. Do you live in UK. People in UK think because I wear high heeled boots that I am gay. I most certainly am not. In Spain it is a case of it’s not what you wear but the person you are that is important.

  9. Hi Phil, I live in Ireland, where similar attitudes to males wearing high heeled boots prevail. I am 5ft. 10″ so most of my boots are flat heeled except my cowboy boots which have a 2ft 6″ heel. My interest in tall boots began in childhood while looking at horsemen in olden times wearing magnificent black leather boots that came right up to their thighs. Totally agree that it’s the person that you are is the most important thing not how you dress.

  10. Hi Paul. It takes some gut’s to do what we do and go out in our boots. Especially with mine being high heeled. I have several pairs of boots that are OTK. The heeis range from 3″ to 4″. I do have pair of Thigh Boots with 5″ heels but I only drive my car in them. They are a bit hard to walk in. There is a lot of men out there that would love to do what we do, but haven’t got the balls to do it. Please keep in touch. Would be nice if some women commented on here how they look at men who wear boots.

        1. You are probably not the only one, but it is getting women like you to openly admit to it. I don’t know where you live but when I lived in UK the people there are very stereotypical. I now have retired to Spain. They are a lot more open minded. My boots have heels which might look a bit more different to a man in tall boots with no heels. Either way I will never stop wearing my boots.

  11. I’m a male and always wear knee boots when out and about. I’ve just ordered my first OTK boot – 27″ tall and am expecting delivery next month. Can’t wait.
    It is very true, I get a lot of compliments from women and from men when wearing my boots.

    1. Hi Alex. Glad to read that another male has the guts to wear OTK boots. I imagine that you cannot wait to try on your new boots!

  12. Yes please! I think this looks great.
    I see some comments talking about high heels, and I’m not sure about that though. Perhaps some men can pull off a good look in high heels, but I would think it would be highly individual.

    1. Hi Wendy. Many thanks for your comments. Nearly all my boots have heels, but I am only 5ft 6″ tall and very slim so I can get away with heels on my boots. I can also walk very well in them. I wear my 3′ heeled boots over my skinny jeans. The Spanish women seem to like how I look.

  13. Greetings all, I have just stumbled upon this article. Though it is a couple of months old I thought that I would post. I have been wearing boots for about 20 years now. Mainly what I prefer are over the knee, and higher, boots. I can attest to the fact that women absolutely love men in boots. Whether I am walking down the street with my wife, and we pass by a woman with eyes downcast, or, a woman will use the thinly veiled excuse to chat me up with the question, “where did you get your boots?” What this has done has been to reinforce, at least partially, what women look for in a man. Agreed that men wore boots before women, and why this stopped, well, I have a suspicion that it has to do with sexuality, and fear. I decided a long time ago that this was hooey. In my own way I’m challenging the so called norms of our society. It has paid off by the reactions that I receive from women, and yes, from a few men. So, there you have it. Any conversations? Or, am I a day late and a dollar short.

  14. Was a pleasure to read your comment. I agree that if more men start wearing boots it would soon become the norm. A lot of women probably like to see men in boots, but unfortunately society today makes it hard for them to admit it, for fear of other peoples reaction. I have a saying “Don’t shrink yourself to please people who refuse to grow”.

    1. Men need to stand up and begin reclaiming those other facets of masculinity that have somehow been taken away from us. Boots may be a minor expression, compared to holding a door open for a woman, or being a father that is there for his children. Wearing boots is not earth shattering as some people would have us believe. It is just a style, and a masculine style at that, that should never have disappeared. I try not to get too beyond myself with that thought.

  15. As many have posted it is something that the fashion industry should take note. Tall boots look amazing. You can’t get men’s boots so all my boots have to be specially made and are very expensive. Two months ago I got my first 70cm tall custom made leather thigh high boots and feel amazing wearing them. I have had a number of women telling me they look amazing and sexy.
    So please bring real leather tall men’s boots into mainstream fashion.

    1. Hi Jeremy. I am with you 100% with your comments. Do your thigh boots have heels and what do you wear them with. I have several comments on this subject on here. We need a male celebrity to be photographed wearing boots and then suddenly every man will want a pair. My boots are all Block Heeled OTK boots.

  16. I would like to jump back in here with a couple of comments. I am getting more positive comments from guys, who are straight. Just last night my wife and I were in Trader Joe’s. I was wearing a pair of sneaker boots from Fernando Berlin. A younger guy asked me where I purchased them. When I told him he seemed a bit crestfallen. This is happening more and more. I don’t know if we nesessarily need a celebrity, or if the comments from women would help more. It takes a man who is comfortable with himself to do this, as I have done for 20 plus years now. The only negative in this is that I would become common. I kind of enjoy being the only kid on the block who does this. I imagine that I would get over it. At least there would be a wider variety of styles.

  17. I’m male, very tall and like also to wear over the knee boots during the winter. My boots are flat and made of black wild leather (suede). Usually i prefer to wear the boots togehter with tight jeans or leggings.

  18. Yes I agree as a male I have a big passion for knee length and otk stiletto boots. My favourite colour has to be black. I just love the look of them and recently purchased a pair of otk platform boots. With a 6 inch stiletto heel. I”m jealous that ladies do have the best footwear when it comes to boots. I’m not gay it’s just that I’ve always wanted to try a pair on now I know how amazing they look and feel like.

  19. Hi I have a big passion for stiletto boots, whether there knee high or otk. Black is my favourite colour, I recently got the courage to purchase a pair of otk stiletto boots for myself. They are platforms with a 6 inch heel I absolutely adore them. It’s not that I’m gay I just admire the style and have wanted to know for a while what there like to wear.

  20. Hi Andy. Do you go out in public wearing your boots. What we are wanting on this forum is for it to become socially acceptable for men to wear boots in public and not looked upon by sad people as being unique.

    1. If I may jump in here with a recommendation, I would like to say start by going out in flat to two inch heels. Watch for the response. Mainly from women. You might be surprised at the positive response. Women are waiting, in my lowly opinion, for men to come back into our own, and reclaim our rights to wear what we wore first, in the first place. Reclaim it. Make it yours.

  21. I was also suprised about the positive feedback, during i wear my flat black over the knee boots with leggings in public during winter time.

  22. OTK boots for men should be OK, as they were worn by men (military) in first instance. Same as heels (protection for the stirrups) and skirts. Reason was that the knees would be protected during horse riding.
    I tend to wear knee high boots if possible to find them in a large size. It should become more easy s women tend to become longer and thus their feet will grow also. its to bad that it’s often associated with the gay scene.

  23. I bought some brown “Dublin River” country boots for dogwalking a couple of years back. I would definitely like to see more long boots for guys. My Dublins go just below the knee, 45cm/16-17inches height and I think they are great.

    Been wearing them daily for years, usually with a dark green hunting/army jacket, a dark green military-style cap and (skinny-ish) jeans tucked into the Dublin boots. Nobody bats an eyelid. 🙂

  24. Great post. In these changing times it feel it great that us guys can also share in the fashion experience of wearing great boots. All my great boots come from the women’s section but I’m fine with that.

    1. Yep. Just like that. This really needs to be “mainstream” for guys as well.
      In my humble opinion.

      I’ll have a beer now. Cheers! 🙂

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